Pearn Goalie

North American Screaming Eagles

Each day, the way we communicate, collaborate, and learn evolves in exciting, yet challenging ways that force us to carefully consider how we prepare our kids to understand their role in the changing society we live in. The Screaming Eagles embrace this new era in ways that empower our students to succeed in school, hockey, and, most importantly, their lives beyond their time with us.

We believe that the lessons learned from serious academic engagement, and athletic participation, become the foundation upon which a well-rounded, mindful young man will thrive and discover his personal potential in school, sport, and life.

We believe in athletic programs that emphasize skill development, team play, and sportsmanship. Our philosophy is rooted in the three R’s – rigor, relevance, and relationships – and drives a program that values student athlete growth as an indicator of success, an approach that relies heavily on individualized goals within each discipline.