About Us

“Good men will sharpen each others axe…. and poor ones will dull them”

The North American Screaming Eagles have evolved into an organization that works with hockey players and their families to advance players to the highest level of the game and education that they can achieve. We do this via our U19 tournament hockey teams, our Northern Exposure Showcase events, and our team hockey tours. We have found that by supporting good character student athletes we can assist them in achieving their goals of playing high level hockey, getting a great education, and having a fantastic life experience along the way.

We initially started out as a 93 spring hockey team with the players being in their atom year. We attended all of the largest, and most competitive, tournaments available and won the OTTF, Prospects Tournament, Battle of Buffalo, Screaming Eagles Tournament, and had a very successful record in every event we entered. As our players got older they started to get attention from the scouting staffs of NCAA schools, prep schools, and high end junior teams. We quickly realized that there are a lot of great athletic and academic opportunities for quality players and students. We are proud to say that from our original 93 spring team we retained seventy percent of our players through their minor midget year. Most of those players moved on to play great hockey in the OHL, NCAA, prep, and Jr A and we are very proud to have been a part of that journey.

Today we move forward holding on to time honoured traditions all the while realizing the world is changing and we need to change with it. We have helped well over one hundred players to advance their playing careers. We have seen the good and the bad and can help families navigate the waters as they move their player forward.

Our goal is to expose players to great opportunities and help to move them on.

We hope you enjoy our site!

All the best in hockey.
The Screaming Eagles