Athletic and Academic Advising

The Prep School experience can be one of the most rewarding aspects in a players young and developing life. Attending a world class school, playing high level hockey, living in an environment of high expectations, and being a part of the boarding school community is a life experience they will never forget. Further to that, student athletes leave well prepared to move on with the next step of their lives and are ready to meet that challenge.

We have many years experience in navigating the often times confusing landscape of the Prep School decision making process. Questions families often ask are:

  • Is this the right direction for my son?
  • What level of competition will be experienced at the prep school level?
  • What does the prep school experience have to offer academically and athletically?
  • What does my son do when he graduates?
  • What opportunities are there for elite level players beyond prep school?
  • How do we make a good decision on which school is the best fit?
  • How does the application process work and what is required?
  • Would we qualify to receive Financial Aid?

We can assist families in focusing their efforts and resources in the following ways:

  • Provide an objective opinion on the best fit athletically and academically.
  • Guide you through the entire application process.
  • Provide insight to the SSAT test and direct you to an appropriate tutor if required.
  • Provide realistic insight to Financial Aid and the process.
  • Help concentrate your time and effort while visiting schools and taking tours.
  • Once accepted, assist in the decision making process by providing insights.
  • Help save time and money by focusing resources on programs that fit for the player.
  • Maximize the entire process and work towards acceptance for your player.

We have the personal experience and resources to assist families through the entire process. Our acceptance rate is extremely high as is our placement rate. If you are looking for guidance in regards to the Prep School option for your player please contact us for more information.

All the best in hockey,

The North American Screaming Eagles