Our Mission

The mission of the North American Screaming Eagles is to forge better young men and advance them in the game and their academics. We accomplish this by inspiring in each student athlete an enthusiasm for competition, learning and for life. We help build the self-confidence needed for intellectual, physical and moral development.

We accomplish this through our sport, hockey, and encouraging a demanding daily regimen of academics, athletics, and personal development. The demands of high level competition create a level of training and commitment that propels our players forward to the next level of schooling and hockey. The close partnership of student, school, and coaches encourage each young man to take pride in his own education and to make responsible decisions for his future. We establish very high expectations for performance and behaviour.

The Screaming Eagles hold tightly to time honoured traditions. Our spirit of community fosters long-lasting ties of brotherhood, healthy competition and enjoyment of life. We strive to move on young men ready to meet the challenges of university and college, elite level hockey, and adulthood with an appreciation of who they have become and the responsibility that comes with it in the world community.