Showcase Events 2023

Exposure is much more than attending a try out or team camp, or even being scouted as a player.  Hockey players must have a clear understanding of all the academic and athletic options available to them.  Exposure must give hockey players and families clear insight into all the aspects of participating in any program.  The North American Screaming Eagles provide top quality showcase events that feature real exposure to some of the worlds best academic and athletic programs.  Our showcase events are amongst the very few that have an actual destination that players can work towards and achieve.  The placement rate of players that attend our events is very high with well over 150 players having attended top end schools and furthered their athletics in the process.   We have worked very hard to forge great relationships with the programs that participate with us and the net result has been very positive.  We work hand in hand with NCAA, CIS, Prep Schools, and top end Junior A programs, all in order to help players further themselves in the game.

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NCAA Tour 2016


Northern Exposure Fall Prep Showcase